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IMS50 Magazine

Take a look at the IMS Magazine’s special 50th Anniversary edition, with guest editors Natalie Venier – IMS Magazine founder and PhD alumna and Sarah Topa – IMS50 staff lead:

IMS Magazine through the years:

In each issue leading up to the IMS50 Magazine edition there was a series of special retrospective articles. Details below.

Summer 2018:

Jack Laidlaw as a medical student at U of T.

In the last in the series of retrospective articles, “Establishing the Foundation for Medical Research: Dr. John (Jack) Coleman Laidlaw,” Anna Badner looks at the life and accomplishments of IMS co-founder Dr. Laidlaw. “He will continue to be remembered for his medical career, advocacy for clinical research, and important vision for clinical investigation in the 21st century” writes Anna.




Winter 2018:

Dr. Ernest McCulloch

In this retrospective article Dr. James Till, Professor Emeritus, speculates on why IMS co-founder Ernest McCulloch’s nickname “Bun”, given to him as a child by his grandmother, was so popular amongst his professional colleagues in medicine and science.

In the article “Changing the Scientific Landscape: The Discovery of Stem Cells“, writer Melissa Galati gives us an overview of Dr. McCulloch’s remarkable career and legacy, from his and Dr. Till’s famous discovery of stem cells to the essential role he played in the formation of the IMS.


Fall 2017:

Dr. Pam Catton

In this retrospective article we hear from Dr. Ori Rotstein, Professor, former IMS Director and Surgeon-in-Chief of St. Michael’s Hospital. He relates the vital role Dr. Pam Catton played in the history of the IMS, as the founder of our Master of Health Science in Radiation Science Program.

In the article “Thinking Outside the Box: Dr. Pamela Catton“, they detail Dr. Catton’s illustrious career, the changes she implemented within the IMS and beyond and the impact she had on her colleagues and friends.



Summer 2017:

Dr. Fred Lowy

In this retrospective article Dr. Mel Silverman, Professor of Medicine and IMS Director from 1991-2000, discusses how during this period the IMS went through a period of innovate expansion and rapid growth, resulting in a legacy of remarkable scholarship.

In the article “Toronto, Home of Canada’s First Centre of Bioethics“, they interview psychiatrist Dr. Fred Lowy, founder of the Centre for Bioethics (now known as the Joint Centre for Bioethics, JCB). The JCB was one of Canada’s first academic bioethics research centers.



Spring 2017:

TGH Division of Thoracic Surgey (1987)

In their first retrospective article we hear from Dr. Catharine Whiteside, Professor Emerita, former IMS Graduate Coordinator and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Whiteside talks about her personal journey with the IMS and how the Institute helped shape her career.

In the article “Pioneering Lung Transplantation in Toronto” they interview Dr. Joel Cooper who performed the first successful bilateral lung transplant.