Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran

Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran
SGS Member
Cancer, Prostate, Prevention
University of Toronto - Campus
Appointment Status Primary
Not currently accepting students
Research Interests

Dr. Venkateswaran is a Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto. A cancer biologist by training, she obtained her Ph.D. in clinical biochemistry and completed her post-doctoral training in the United States of America, at the Washington State University and Kansas University Medical Centre. With her fundamental knowledge in clinical biochemistry, she has devoted over two decades pursuing her passion for research in cancer pathophysiology, engaging in a multitude of initiatives both scholarly and academic in nature. One of Dr. Venkateswaran’s most notable areas of research is the investigation of a common diabetic agent metformin and its role in improving prostate cancer treatment outcome compared to conventional regimens. Other prominent investigations include the use of capsaicin and cannabinoid as potential therapeutic agents.

When Dr. Venkateswaran is not engaged in research, she can be found actively mentoring students at the Institute of Medical Sciences, where she is a Graduate Coordinator and Co-lead on the implementation of the strategic priorities. She has served as ‘Chair’ of Graduate Admission, Director for the Summer Undergraduate Program and Chair, of the Ori Rotstein Lectureship for over a decade.

Dr. Venkateswaran has acquired unique skill sets by engaging in various scientific and academic related endeavors. Her most recent achievement are the patents she received (from US, Europe, Australia and Japan) for a novel use of a well-known medication in combination with chemotherapy as a new treatment modality for prostate cancer. This has led to the establishment of a pharmaceutical company, where Dr. Venkateswaran is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer. In all, Dr. Venkateswaran is a well-seasoned and accomplished scientist and mentor.

Research Methods: tissue culture, SELDI, microarray, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, PCR, flow cytometry, electrophoresis (DNA/RNA), Western blotting, DNA, RNA isolation, immunoprecipitation, in vivo (mouse)

Keywords: prostate cancer, chemotherapy, prevention, micronutrients, Metformin, Desmopressin, Insulin, transgenic model, cell cycle, apoptosis, androgen receptor, andiandrogens, oxidative stress, proteomics, insulin, IGF, flaronide

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