Dr. Moumita Barua

Dr. Moumita Barua
SGS Member
Assistant Professor
Regenerative Medicine, Development
University Health Network
Research Interests
Regenerative Medicine, Development

Research Methods: Next generation sequencing, molecular genetics

Keywords: Kidney, FSGS, podocyte, genetics

See current publications list at Pubmed.


The Barua lab has several funded projects (CIHR, ASF) and is looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic trainees including graduate students and post-doctoral research fellows within 2 years of completing their PhD. These exciting projects range from human genetic studies searching for genetic factors causing kidney diseases to exploring the most relevant findings in genetic models, including cell and animal. Foundational knowledge or motivation in learning basic principles of programming languages including Python or R is useful. Other techniques that will be learned are traditional molecular genetic techniques and innovative approaches such as single-cell sequencing while gaining experience in large datasets. Prospective graduate students require acceptance into the University of Toronto Institute of Medical Sciences graduate school (https://ims.utoronto.ca/).  

Successful candidates will join an enthusiastic physician scientist PI and dynamic team dedicated to advancing fundamental knowledge in kidney disease to directly impact and improve patient care.

Interested students, please contact:
Sarah Wilson (sarah.wilson@uhnresearch.ca)