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The IMS Themes and Platforms tool facilitates interaction and collaboration between our faculty, and between faculty and students. Search for a supervisor, find a PAC member or collaborate with faculty.

PLEASE NOTE: We thank you for your patience as we create a new website to improve your user experience. During this process, we will be unable to make any changes to existing faculty profiles, but will reach out to all our appointed faculty members for profile updates as soon as we are able. 

Research Themes


  • Neuroscience / Brain Health
  • Cardiovascular / Respiratory / Musculoskeletal
  • Population Health / Education
  • Cancer
  • Infection / Immunology
  • Regenerative Medicine / Development
  • Endocrine / Gastroenterology
  • Health Services / Policy / Education / Knowledge Translation
  • Imaging
  • Clinical Research
  • Molecular Biology / Cell Biology / Metabolism
  • Genetics / Genomics / Proteomics
  • Stem Cells