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Faculty Engagement upon Appointment – Member Emeritus

Your acceptance of the offer of a Graduate Faculty Appointment in the School of Graduate Studies and the IMS comes with certain responsibilities and expectations. Such engagement will facilitate the continued activities of the IMS for the success of its faculty, trainees and sustained excellence in graduate education.

On your letter of offer you will be asked to confirm the following before the appointment is activated.

Your acceptance of the following terms for your IMS Graduate Faculty Membership as a Member Emeritus:

A Member Emeritus may perform all duties of a full member for the duration of the appointed term. Taking on new supervisory responsibility for an MSc or PhD students requires approval of the graduate Chair or Director, and the approval of SGS. You are eligible to:

(i) serve as the sole or major supervisor of MSc and PhD students and you must guarantee funding for the minimum duration of their programs;\
(ii) participate on Program Advisory Committees (PACs)
(iii) serve as chair or voting member of a final oral examination committee, and perform all associated duties
(iv) participate in a variety of roles in the IMS including one or more IMS committees as required
(v) teach, set, and mark examinations for an IMS graduate course and give other such graduate direction as may be required.

Please note that your appointment will not be activated until we receive this information from you.

Please also familiarize yourself with the IMS Student Funding Policy and Graduate Supervision responsibilities:

For information on Graduate Supervision please visit www.sgs.utoronto.ca/supervison/guidelines.pdf

For information on IMS Funding Policies and Responsibilities please visit: