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Thesis Defense and Examination Guidelines

There are several types of formal oral examinations for IMS graduate students.  Guidelines are listed below.  Read the guidelines very carefully, as they are relevant to both student and supervisor. It is advised that you make an appointment to meet with the Graduate Coordinator when you reach the thesis writing phase.

IMPORTANT: University Closures

Please note the University of Toronto will be closed on June 29, 30, and July 1, 2020. Exams cannot be scheduled on these dates.


Thesis Submission Checklist – To be included when submitting your thesis.

MSc Thesis Defense Guidelines – The final examination for an MSc student.

*MSc Updated Remote Exams*

Qualifying and Transfer Examination Guidelines – Qualifying examinations are for Direct Entry PhD students in year 2; Transfer examinations are for MSc students who wish to transfer directly to the PhD program without completing a MSc thesis and defense.

*Qualifying and Transfer – Updated Remote Exams*

PhD Thesis Defense Guidelines – There are two final examinations for a PhD student:  the PhD Departmental Oral Examination (which may be waived) and the PhD Final Oral Examination.

*Final Oral Exam Remote Guidelines*

Contact pa.medscience[at]utoronto.ca if you have questions about the PhD, MSc, Transfer and Qualifying exam procedures.

Please note the deadlines for submitting a complete exam documentation package (as outlined in the guidelines):

MSc Examinations: A MINIMUM of 6 weeks BEFORE the requested exam date.

Qualifying/Transfer Examinations: 6 weeks BEFORE the requested exam date.

PhD Departmental Examinations: 6 weeks BEFORE the requested exam date.

PhD Final Oral Examination: A MINIMUM of 9 weeks BEFORE the requested exam date.