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SGS Conference Grant – Spring 2017


Monday, March 27, 2017 04:30 pm - Monday, March 27, 2017 04:30 pm


See application details below.


The SGS Conference Grant provides modest financial support to eligible students who will be actively presenting their research at an academic conference.

This grant aims to provide successful applicants with funds to cover at least the minimum registration fee for the proposed conference as well as a modest top-up, when possible.  Applicants are expected to seek support from various other sources in order to supplement their travel and other related expenses.

Deadlines: Online application opens:  March 13, 9:30am

Online application closes:  March 27, 4:30pm

Deadline for Supervisors to submit online approval:  April 3, 4:30pm

Value/Duration: Value dependent on registration fee & location of event
Level of Study: Full-time master’s or doctoral students
Required Legal Status: Domestic or international
Results: Mid-May (via U of T email address)

Eligibility to Apply

Preference will be given to students who are in the early stages of their academic career.

Students can apply for the grant before receiving acceptance to present at the conference.

Applicants must:

  • Be registered full-time in a graduate degree program (master’s or doctoral) at the time of each of the following:  Application; Conference presentation; and Requesting payment of grant;
  • NOTE: Students are typically not registered during the session in which convocation occurs (e.g. not registered in May for June convocation).
  • Be actively presenting their research (relevant to their current degree program) at an academic conference that occurs between March 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017;
  • Be compliant with all departmental and U of T safety abroad procedures prior to travel (see “Safety Abroad” below);
  • Have not received payment for an SGS Conference Grant during their current graduate degree program (NEW as of Fall2014)

Application Process

Full instructions are available on the SGS Conference Grant webpage.  The online application will be available on Monday March 13.

Please note:

  • One application may be submitted per applicant in support of one conference;
  • Successful applicants can request to apply their grant to a different conference after receiving the result of their application – full details are provided on the SGS Conference Grant webpage;
  • The applicant will be required to enter their UTORid and password into the application;
  • The application can be saved in draft form after completing the second page and will time out after two hours; and
  • The application cannot be modified after submission.

Applicants are encouraged to:

  • Have access to a printer to print their completed application for their records before submitting;
  • Notify their supervisor/advisor that they will be submitting an SGS Conference Grant application which will require their approval; and
  • Confirm their supervisor/advisor’s correct email-address to avoid the risk of their application remaining incomplete.

Safety Abroad

U of T’s Safety Abroad Guidelines​ are a shared responsibility with which all students are required to comply. Failure to complete the necessary procedures before travelling abroad may result in withdrawal of emergency support, funding, or academic credit.

All SGS Conference Grant applicants are required to review the Safety Abroad Office’s web page on Student Responsibilities to ensure that their responsibilities will be completed before their travel occurs.

Students intending to travel to a region designated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) as “Avoid Non-Essential Travel” or “Avoid All Travel” must contact the Safety Abroad Office as soon as possible to request special approval to conduct the ​trip.

Please direct inquiries about the guidelines and/or procedures to:

Safety Abroad Office
Cumberland House
33 St. George Street


All applicants will receive an email notification via their U of T email address in mid-May.

Successful applicants will receive information regarding the offer amount and the terms and conditions of the grant. SGS Conference Grants cannot be deferred beyond a return date of September 30, 2017.  Please see details regarding requests for changes on the SGS Conference Grant webpage.

Payment Activation

To receive payment, awardees must submit the following required documents within 14 days of the completion of their trip and no later than October 13, 2017 or by the end of the student’s last registered session, whichever is earlier:

  1. A completed Payment Activation Form;

Awardees will be expected to confirm on this form that all safety abroad requirements were completed prior to travel outside of Canada​.

  1. Proof of conference attendance and active-participation; and
  2. a) Screenshot of, or URL to, webpage where online conference program, applicant’s name and title of presentation are posted (title and location of conference must be visible); or
  3. b) Official certificate of attendance/participation from conference organizer listing conference’s title and location, applicant’s name and title of presentation
  4. Registration fee invoice.
  5. a) Receipt issued by the conference organizer showing the amount of the paid registration fee and the title of the conference
  • If the amount listed is significantly different from the proposed registration fee amount the applicant specified within his/her application, the value of the grant will be adjusted accordingly
  • If the invoice is in a currency other than Canadian dollars (CAD), the applicant must provide a conversion showing the foreign currency amount and its equivalent amount in Canadian dollars (CAD)
  1. b) If registration fee will be waived / covered by the conference organizer:

Applicants may enter the advertised registration fee amount (at the student-rate) into their application and receive an offer that consists of both the registration fee and location top-up amounts, if the applicant will also be able to provide the following items:

  • A screenshot from the conference organizer’s website (title of conference visible) showing the advertised registration fee amount at the student-rate; and
  • Email/letter from the conference organizer (title of conference mentioned) confirming that the applicant’s registration fee will be waived / covered

These documents must be sent as a single PDF file to conferencegrant@utoronto.ca  Please allow two to three weeks for payment through ROSI.

Failure to submit the required documentation by the above deadline will result in the cancellation of the grant.

Contact and Resources

For more information, please visit the SGS Conference Grant webpage or contact:

Lisa Fannin
Acting Awards Officer, Internal
Graduate Awards Office
School of Graduate Studies