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2017 Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award


Friday, December 9, 2016 04:30 pm - Friday, December 9, 2016 04:30 pm


See application details below.


In honour of the significant contribution made by Professor Adel S. Sedra, former Vice President and Provost, to the University of Toronto, the University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA) has established this award to recognize a doctoral student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement and extracurricular leadership.

Student Submission Deadline to SGS:  December 9, 2016 (4:30pm) to SGS 
Value & Duration: Up to $25,000 for 1 year
Level of Study: Doctoral – second or third year (see below)
Required Legal Status: Domestic or international
Results: Communicated by SGS in late January

Eligibility to Apply

Applicants must be registered and in good standing in their second or third year of a doctoral program (see UTAA’s website for complete eligibility requirements).

The successful candidate:

  • Will have an outstanding academic record and will be making exceptional progress in his/her graduate research program, as demonstrated by academic records, letters of recommendation and other measures of scholarship
  • Should be involved in work that reflects a concerted effort to understand and respond to the changing intellectual landscape in his/her field of study
  • Should demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the student experience of his/her peers through extracurricular leadership within the University and involvement in the life of the University. Of equal importance will be the candidate’s commitment to community outreach and involvement, as demonstrated by extracurricular activities outside of the University

Application Process

Applicants must submit their completed paper application to the Graduate Awards Office (63 St. George Street, Front Desk, First Floor) by Friday, December 9, 2016 at 4:30 pm.

  • Accompanying hardcopy letters of recommendation and transcripts must be submitted in signed and sealed envelopes.
  • Letters of recommendation and transcripts may be mailed or emailed directly from the referee/institution to graduate.awards@utoronto.ca by the deadline

Application Package

  1. Completed application form (found on the University of Toronto Alumni website)
  2. Curriculum vitae outlining academic achievements, scholarships and awards received, plus publications, work experience, and extracurricular involvement both inside and outside the University. Extracurricular experience should be clearly separated into two categories: inside and outside the University. (NOTE: only achievements/contributions during the applicant’s doctoral program will be considered)
  3. Statement of no more than 500 words about the applicant’s future academic and career goals
  4. Official transcript(s). All graduate transcripts should be provided for both Master’s and doctoral level studies. An undergraduate transcript is not required, except in the case of a direct-entry doctoral.
  5. Up to four (4) supporting letters of recommendation from the following list of people:
  • Thesis supervisor or supervisory committee member who can comment on the applicant’s academic progress
  • Member of the teaching staff (of the department/s in which the applicant is registered) who can comment on the student’s academic progress and/or involvement in university life
  • Up to two (2) additional letters of recommendation that attest to the student’s academic and extracurricular leadership.


By late January, the Adel S. Sedra Committee will invite selected candidates for an interview and SGS will notify unsuccessful applicants.

Contacts & Resources

Visit UTAA’s website for further information

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Fannin
Awards Officer, Internal