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2017-18 Master’s Completion Bursary (MCB)


Wednesday, January 31, 2018 11:59 pm - Monday, April 30, 2018 11:59 pm


See application details below.


The Master’s Completion Bursary (MCB), for students beyond program length, is a financial aid program aimed to assist master’s students who must register beyond the program length required for their degree, in order to complete a minimal amount of work remaining due to unanticipated factors beyond their control.

Award Overview

Student Deadline: Fall 2017 cycle: January 31, 2018

Winter 2018 cycle: April 30, 2018

*Please see below for other important dates

Value/Duration: Reduces full-time fees to part-time fees for final session for students who are beyond program length
Level of study: Master’s
Required Legal Status: Domestic or International
Results: End of February 2018 (Fall applicants) or End of May 2018 (Winter applicants)


Eligibility to Apply

You are eligible for the MCB if:

  1. You were unable to complete your master’s degree by the program length due to factors that were unanticipated and beyond your control;
  2. Your remaining academic requirements to be completed during the final session were minimal and completed by the required deadline. Minimal work includes the following:
  • thesis based programs: final thesis (this must be defended and submitted to the ProQuest digital library repository OR Major Research Paper/Project (MRP) submitted to department on or before November 9, 2017 (Fall applicants) or March 6, 2018 (winter applicants));
  • course based programs: 0.5 course, project, paper or language exam (this must be completed within the final registered session)
  1. You are beyond the program lengthrequired for your degree, and the program length must have ended:
  • on or before August 31 (Fall applicants); or
  • on or before December 31 (Winter applicants)
  1. You are still within the time limit for your degree;
  2. You have been registered full-time from the beginning of your program (i.e. no part-time registration, leave of absence, program transfers, or dual registrations);
  3. You did not receive or received minimal funding for the additional session; and
  4. You are currently registered full-time in your final session before graduation.

OISE Students must apply for bursary assistance from the OISE Student Services first and upon recommendation by the OISE Financial Aid Coordinator, will be considered for the Master’s Completion Bursary.

Application Process

Applicants must:

  1. Obtain a MCB Application from the SGS website (see Completion Grants & Emergency Funding section) and complete sections 1, 2, and 4
  2. Have sections 3 and 5 completed by supervisor and graduate unit
  3. Obtain any necessary letters or documents (such as medial note, and letter of support from graduate unit)
  4. Submit completed application with all supporting documentation to Graduate Awards Office in person or via email to sgs.financial.assistance@utoronto.ca within two weeks of completing degree requirements or application deadline date, whichever is earlier.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Were the factors preventing the applicant from completing the program within the usual program length unanticipated and beyond the applicant’s control? (See Instructions for examples)
  2. Was the amount of outstanding work required minimal, and were all degree requirements completed and recorded on ROSI prior to the relevant SGS deadline(s)?
  3. Was funding already provided to the applicant during the final session of registration (e.g. fellowships, scholarships, OSAP, TA/RA-ships)?
  4. Has the applicant met all other eligibility requirements?


Results will be emailed to the applicants U of T email address.

Contacts & Resources

Further information can be found on the SGS website

For inquiries regarding the nomination/application process, please contact: sgs.financial.assistance@utoronto.ca