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Congratulations to IMS Faculty Dr. Molly Shoichet for being named Ontario’s first Chief-Scientist

From www.ontario.ca

University Professor and IMS Faculty Member Dr. Molly Shoichet has been named Ontario’s first Chief Scientist. In this new and exciting role, Dr. Shoichet will advance science and innovation throughout the province and will directly advise decision-makers, including Premier Kathleen Wynne, on important scientific issues.

The mandate of the Chief Scientist is to:

  • champion high quality science in government and education
  • help the government make decisions on science-based policy issues
  • advise the government on how to support future research and innovation projects
  • publicly promote Ontario as a hub for research across Canada and the world by attracting global research talent
  • lay the groundwork for the next generation of research and innovation jobs by leading the development of the best science strategy for the province

Dr. Shoichet has been an IMS Faculty member since 2004.

She is an expert in the study of polymers for drug delivery and tissue regeneration and a world leader in the areas of polymer synthesis, biomaterials design and drug delivery in the nervous system. Her research focuses on strategies to promote tissue repair after traumatic spinal cord injury, stroke and blindness.

Dr. Shoichet has published over 575 papers, patents and abstracts, has given over 350 lectures worldwide, and has trained over 185 scientists in the past 22 years. She founded three spin-off companies from her lab research and is actively engaged in translational research with several industry partners. In 2015, Dr. Shoichet launched a national social media initiative, Research2Reality, aimed at engaging the public in the importance of research.

For more on this announcement and Dr. Shoichet’s background and accomplishments, please see the government of Ontario’s website and the UofT News story.

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