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China’s Indiana Jones: IMS & Faculty of Medicine celebrate Dr. Tillson Harrison’s humanitarian efforts during WWII

On September 28th,  members of the Chinese community and the Faculty of Medicine gathered in the Medical Sciences Building to celebrate the life of Dr. Tillson Harrison.  This included a photo exhibition and gathering of dignitaries from Toronto, Vancouver and China.

Dr. Harrison is recognized for his  participation in the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration’s medical work in Shanghai and his assistance in alleviating the suffering of Chinese people during the second world war. Dr. Tillson is credited with transporting tons of medical supplies during the long Second Sino-Japanese struggle.

Highly celebrated in China, a statue in his likeness stands in Shanghai, his burial site at an Anglican compound in Kaifeng is home to the Dr. Tillson Harrison Memorial School. The Harrison International Peace Hospital in Hengshui treats approximately 800 outpatients every day.

According to Dr. Tillson’s daughter Rosalind, several decades after her father’s death, film producers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg contacted her, and in a series of interviews, Rosalind provided an account of her father’s life. This, she claims, became the inspiration for the highly successful Indiana Jones film series.



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