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Biomedical Communications: Andrea Gauthier, Shelley Wall and Jodie Jenkinson

From: View to the U: An eye on UTM research Comics, gaming, visualizations, healthcare, learning, and communication integrated via visual media in science and medicine. On this […]

Molly Shoichet

Congratulations to IMS Faculty Dr. Molly Shoichet for being named Ontario’s first Chief-Scientist

From www.ontario.ca University Professor and IMS Faculty Member Dr. Molly Shoichet has been named Ontario's first Chief Scientist. In this new and exciting role, Dr. Shoichet will […]

You are what your breathe – lessons from bench to bedside in the field

Dr. Chung-Wai Chow MD, PhD, FRCPC Associate Professor, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/Al4IGLaOygI

Radio-immunotherapy for the treatment of mesothelioma: from bench to bedside

Marc de Perrot MD, MSc Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/dwjgHs6OwEU

New directions in cancer imaging: Activating drugs in situ

Naomi Matsuura PhD, PEng Director, Translation and Attrition Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/FFwj2TIr8hU

Get your Essential Guide for Graduate Students!

Are starting graduate studies in the IMS?  Need a refresher on the ins and outs of pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto? Download the 2017-18 Essential Guide for […]

Support for students affected by the US Travel Ban

Posted on behalf of Beatrice Ballarin, International Student Representative, IMSSA I am writing to you in light of the recent change in policy by the US government banning citizens f […]

Using MRI to Assess Kidney Transplants

Anish Kirpalani, Department of Medical Imaging, St Michael's Hospital Using MRI to Assess Kidney Transplants  https://youtu.be/QIVt6L70BsU

Improving the immune systems ability to detect and eliminate HIV

Shariq Mujib, PhD Candidate NEF Blockade Facilitates Eradication of the HIV Latent Reservoir  https://youtu.be/AWbnHd_9yb8

Quantity & Quality: Dr. James Kennedy graduates 6 students at June convocation

IMS faculty Dr. James Kennedy was extremely pleased to sit on the stage of Convocation Hall and watch 6 of his students graduate during the June 7, 2016 convocation ceremony. He […]

How much do you sleep a night? Be part of our sleep survey!

Hey IMS community, Thesis writing got you up all night? Third cup of coffee today? The IMS Magazine is collecting information on sleep and sleep habits in graduate students and the […]

Photo of Stephanie Beldick

Choosing the IMS: Master’s Student Stephanie Beldick talks about taking the leap

Coming out of an undergraduate degree can be a difficult time. No more tests, exams, and assignments—you’re free! But with that freedom may come the question: What do I do with my life […]

Avrum Gotlieb

New in the Blogosphere: Planning a Career in Biomedical and Life Sciences

Dr. Avrum Gotlieb, Senior Academic Advisor to the Dean and Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto has published a new b […]

Tillson Harrison

China’s Indiana Jones: IMS & Faculty of Medicine celebrate Dr. Tillson Harrison’s humanitarian efforts during WWII

On September 28th,  members of the Chinese community and the Faculty of Medicine gathered in the Medical Sciences Building to celebrate the life of Dr. Tillson Harrison.  This included a p […]

Dr. Howard Mount discusses research on a Pre-clinical model of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Institute of Medical Science (IMS) Data Blitz Series profiles faculty who are making significant contributions to research in the IMS. Our first speaker is Dr. Howard Mount who talks […]