Exit off canvas



I am an international graduate already in Canada. Which application deadline applies to me?

Application and Supporting Documents

I have official copies of my transcripts. Do I need to order new ones to be forwarded directly to IMS?
My transcript is not in English. Is a translated copy required?
How soon after submitting an application will I be notified of the results?
What sort of information should be included in my Statement of Intent?
Should my referees send their reference directly to the IMS? Can I collect them and drop them off?
Who can I use as a reference?
The online application requires my desired program and area of interest. What do I enter if I don't have this information?


Does the IMS find students a supervisor?
Do I need to have a supervisor before applying?
Does having a supervisor before applying guarantee acceptance into the IMS?
I am having difficulty finding a supervisor. What should I do?


What is 'full funding'?
I have found a supervisor, but they do not have funding. Can I work with this supervisor?
How will I receive my funding?
Am I eligible for the IMS Entrance Award?
Can my supervisor use the IMS Entrance Award toward my minimum stipend amount?
Do I wait until I'm accepted to the program before seeking funding?

General Information

What courses are prerequisites for entrance into the IMS?
My marks are low but I have research experience. Is research experience a criterion for acceptance?
I am first author on a peer-reviewed publication. Are publications a criteria for acceptance?
I have a medical degree from an overseas university. Am I eligible for the PhD program?