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Brian Hodges

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Executive Vice President Education at University Health Network and The Michener Institute for Education at UHN
Richard and Elizabeth Currie Chair in Health Professions Education Research, Wilson Centre for Research in Education

Years Active in the IMS: 2003 - Present

I completed my Psychiatry Residency Training at the University of Toronto and my own graduate studies through the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  At the time I began my graduate studies there were very few researchers in health professions education. However, in the last decade of the 20th century, universities began to pay much more attention to empirical research on educational activities.  The birth of the Wilson Centre for Research in Education at the University Health Network and the University of Toronto created a home for this form of scholarship. I was fortunate to become Director in 2002. Once established in this intense research environment it became important for me to connect with our best graduate units across the University of Toronto and I became appointed to the Institute for Medical Science.  Since that time I have participated in graduate student supervision for numerous students at the Masters and Doctoral level. As well, the Institute for Medical Science became interested in expanding expertise in qualitative research methods which were more common at that time in the Faculty of Education.  It was a great pleasure to help the IMS develop these early courses. My own research was enriched greatly by interacting with diverse graduate programs at the University of Toronto and the IMS, in particular, helped me find important synergies between the foundational and clinical sciences and the social sciences in which I was trained. A rich research environment allowed my work to flourish. Collaboration with scholars from many disciplines led to research grants and awards. Perhaps my proudest moment was receiving the Karolinska prize for Medical Education Research in 2016. My greatest pleasure today is to meet young scholars who I know will form the next generation of leadership and research in health professions education.